George_230George Lugo – As a child Lugo, always felt alone in the knowledge of what he could see, do, and experienced. He could see and feel souls that watched over and protected him. He became aware he could step in and out of what he describes as this incredibly loving river.

AudaciousSpiritLogoThe Audacious Spirit – We are a not for profit, school and community of students, shamans, healers, believers, non-believers, seekers and more. The Audacious Spirit offers classes, workshops, meditation and healing circles that help to bring spirit into its rightful place in your life – as the ultimate creator of everything you are and everything you have.

ericphotosite (03-14-14-12-44-29)Ericka is an author, radio personality, public speaker and professional psychic medium. She has been featured on television and interviewed by national radio stations across the country.

Haskell R Vest Jr

Specializing in mediumship, spiritual healing, medical intuitive, past life readings, house cleansings and more. Call or email for appointment. No phone consultations please.  Visit:

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