2016 June Program

LaMont HamiltonUnlimited Horizons


World Psychic, LaMont Hamilton

“How To Function as a  Multi-Sensory Being in 2016 & Beyond”



Sunday, June 12, 2016
2:30 to 5:30
Gulf Breeze Community Center
800 Shoreline Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL. 32561

$10 at the door

Most of us are having a ‘five-sensory’ type of experiences as our actions, emotions and behavior depends on what we normally perceive through those five physical senses as it influences our personality. In each of our incarnations, our soul creates the type of special personality and body and during our life time, this very personality contributes to the evolution of our soul. Most of the time, this personality is a splintered entity since there are many incomplete parts which are out of harmony and hence creating an imbalance of our Spiritual energy.

In order to address this imbalance, the soul has to create another personality. For example, distrust or anger can lead to unpleasant or tragic situations until, at last, the feeling of distrust or anger is removed from our personality. This may take several painful experiences or maybe five lifetimes, or more, of painful experiences but eventually this path of learning the lesson will lead to higher trust, love and compassion. The same is true for a greedy personality, selfish personality or manipulative personality.

In case of multi-sensory personalities, this learning will not take that much of time. He or she will learn more rapidly than the ‘five-sensory’ ones. You will not need 10 or 20 or may be 200 lifetimes to learn a major lesson like trust, love or responsibility. Impulses, hunches, sudden or subtle insights, intuition and inspirations help multi-sensory personalities to assist the soul during our evolutionary journey. The multi-sensory human is able to perceive, and to appreciate, the role that our physical reality plays in a larger picture of evolution, and the dynamics by which our physical reality is created and evolves. This realm is invisible to most of the five-sensory individuals on the planet but that is changing this year.

All of our great teachers have been, or are, multi-sensory humans souls whom guide us toward a higher Spiritual level. While guides are the experts in certain fields that are called for in consultations there is more to this subject than most people understand. On the other hand, teachers operate on a more personal plane on involvement. Guides and Teachers assist in energy phase of our evolution. The number of guides and Teachers that a soul has depends upon what it seeks to accomplish and its level of awareness.

The lecture will be an open question and answer session where LaMont will address your individual Soul needs with a “Gallery Reading” type of format so that you gain real insight into your own life lessons.

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