2016 Expo Readers & Mediums

Expo 4.75 x 3.25Welcome to our 14th Annual Metaphysical Expo.  We are excited to offer this year some very renowned Readers & Mediums that will leave everyone with new insights into life.

Listed below,  please find a list of Readers & Mediums that will be at the expo through out the weekend. All of the Readers can be visited with paid admission at the Grand Ballroom on the first floor.  Each exhibitor will have there own separate charges – please inquire.

For your convenience we will be  updating this post up and until the Expo.  Check back for updates.

WorldPsychic – LaMont Hamilton  No other Psychic, or Clairvoyant has posted more original future World Predictions covering a wider range of topics than Professional Psychic, LaMont Hamilton!

Click here for more information.

Teresa Brown-Konell – Psychic Medium, Healer, Author.  Teresa Brown has practiced as a Spiritual Healer and Intuitive/Medium for twenty five years. Mentored by her Grandmothers and other teachers she integrates her gifts as a healer, Biofeedback Practitioner and Clairvoyant with the grassroots spirituality of Christianity. Click here for Face Book page or  WebSite page.

Julia Constantine – Medium Jul’s Educates people in: Spiritual, Self-Empowering and Intuitive Building Workshops. Teaching Metaphysical, Intuitive/Psychic Development Workshops, and One On One Personal Growth Programs.  Click here for more information.


PurpleLotusMillie George – Picking Up Vibes & Reading Cards



PurpleLotusJanice Robinson – Psychic Mediumship; Spirit Communication; Auras; Psychometry.


Jennifer Blumenthal IIJennifer Blumenthal – Seduction of Soul Studio – Oracle card readings that empower clients to create their own healing, transformation, and improvement. “Everything is energy. When you truly learn how to work with this at a soul level, the magic of the universe is unveiled to you and your life becomes fluid and abundant. I’m here to help you with the unveiling so that you can live the exquisite life you desire.”   Click here for more information.

Jean Guzzetti
Jean Guzzetti – I felt a calling to explore the natural world on a more spiritual level. It was then, after years of distraction, I rediscovered the energy that connects us all to each other and holds in one space, our past, present and potential futures. I believe it is this connection that helps me conduct psychic readings. With each reading, I am touched by the gratitude with which people accept the messages I am able to convey.  Click here for more information.

Babette de JonghBabette De Jongh – Telepathic animal communication, counseling, and healing. Please bring a photo of your animal companion in which I can clearly see their eyes.   Babette is also a trained practitioner of Body Talk, Matrix Energetics and Reiki, modalities that heal animals, humans & situations, often when all else fails. Click here for more information.

HaskelHaskell Vest – intuitive, medical and medium readings.   Haskell is a life-long spiritualist and local psychic specializing in medium-ship, spiritual healing, medical intuitive, past life readings, house cleansings and much more. With help from Angels, Spirit guides, and passed loved ones he brings a loving message related to healing, spiritual balance, and well being.  Click here for more information.

Shron MillerSharon Miller – Sam2hawks. Custom Handmade Native American prayer sticks, blessed John of God crystals, crystals and handmade items.


 Click here for more information.

Jackie RoncoJackie Ronco – Psychic Medium.  ​MEDIUMISTIC READING:  Get in contact with your loved ones. Loved ones come through in this type of session and can help provide guidance in any area of your life. You may get exactly who you expected or you may be surprised by someone you did not expect, to show up! Jackie cannot make anyone show up, but you will always hear from who you are supposed to hear from at that moment.  Click here for more information.

DovesMargie Anderson – Margie’s Emporium Tarot cards. Click here for more information.

WillWill Rosasco – Will Rivera, will be offering a personalized numerology reports of your future. Will Rosasco will be offering intuitive counseling with your Angels.  Will is also going to be  offering a collection of rocks, crystals, used books and other amazing items.

PurpleLotusRebecca Nolan – Rebecca’s Unique Gifts, Lavender Angel, “The Angel Lady”Tarot, Cartomancy,Runes Cards/Stones, Angel Cards, Chakra Balancing/Readings…

Brnda GillsonBrenda Gillson – Psychic Medium ~ Medical Intuitive

Brenda works with energy and white light, her Psychic abilities offer insight into your desires and your obstacles. She also connects with spirit to give you messages from your loved ones who have crossed over.  Click here for more information.

PurpleLotusMaxine Palmer – Reader. Palm Reading Astrology, Numerology, Cards. Maxine Palmer contact information: maxinepalmer39@gmail.com


Angel_J Winslow1200Debra Bussell – Lan Stick Casting… Copper’s Angels Debra Bussell also known as “Copper” comes from a long family line of Psychics. She has been developing and practicing her intuitive & healing skills for over 35 years. Copper is a practitioner and teacher of the Tarot. She is a certified Reiki Master, an Ordained Minister, and works with Angels.

George Lugo MediumCrystal Gate Readings, Mediumship – George Lugo.  George has dedicated his life helping people through communicating and delivering messages of hope, love and respect from loved ones who have crossed over to the other side.  Click here for more information.

GPHLauren Belletete, Guided Path Healing – Helping you on your path of self-discovery and healing.   I am a spiritual advisor, intuitive empath, Reiki Master, artist, teacher, and student.  Click here for more information.

PurpleLotusMadison Wilson – I am an Empath and Medium offering intuitive and channeled readings along with house and property clearings / blessings.

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