2014 June Program

 The Plight of Humanity

Sunday, June 8th, 2014
2:30 to 5:30
Gulf Breeze Community Center
800 Shoreline Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL. 32561

$10 at the door

SherryWildeHuman beings are an evolving species.  Planet earth and her children are at a critical juncture at this time; being on the verge of the greatest leap in evolution to ever occur.  What does this mean and why does it seem that there is so much suffering and chaos in the world?  Where are we headed and how are we going to get there? Are there things we need to know and tools we can use to make this journey less painful?
For my entire life I have had contact with beings from another dimension- some call them ETs or aliens. What I learned from this experience, once I moved past the fear, is what I will share with you in this lecture.  I will touch on the actual so called “abduction” experience and explain why I was seemingly targeted for these interactions. This is not a story of victimization. It is a story about our cosmic families yearning to reunite with us and see us finally break free of the fear that has held earth humans captive for so long.

Sherry Wilde was living an idyllic life as a wife, mother and business owner until 1987 when her community experienced a UFO flap that was considered one of the most active in the world. No one could have ever guessed the unbelievable turn of events that would occur over the next 18-24 months as Sherry was forced to accept her involvement in a phenomenon that was totally unknown to her. Faced with the indisputable evidence that she was experiencing contact with extra-terrestrial beings was astonishing to this pragmatic and levelheaded woman of 37, but to learn her contact had been ongoing for her entire life almost pushed her over the edge. Sherry spent the next several years of her life trying to exonerate the experiences from her mind and did her best to return to a normal life, but when heavy contact started again in late 2009, after several years of relative peace, she could no longer ignore it. Inexplicably she found herself writing a book about the encounters as her memory opened up to the past events and the teachings these beings had imparted to her. Overcoming her fear and learning the truth of her involvement with these ultra-dimensional beings became her life goal. She now accepts the truth of these encounters and has cooperative contact on a regular basis with the beings she affectionately refers to as “her guys.”

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