2014 Feb Program

Everyone is Psychic


Julia Constantine

Sunday,January 12, 2014
2:30 to 5:30
Gulf Breeze Community Center
800 Shoreline Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL
$10 at the door

62nd Birthday Photos 010Jul’s will be communicating why everyone is psychic and how using your psychic abilities can change your life.  At some point you may have thought, “I am psychic, I know thing.” Then you think, “No that is something only special people have.” Some believe that Psychic and Intuition are different, but are they?  Once you understand what your psychic voice sounds like you learn to listen, then you will start to create what you want and your life will transform. Your psychic abilities are not something to be afraid of. They are something to embrace, to be proud of, they are something that will help change your life.

Juls will also be giving you tips on how to attract what you want. She will finish by doing readings.

Julia Constantine Bio:
Julia Constantine, also known as Jul’s, was born in a small farming community in the heart of Appalachia. This is where Jul’s learned the value of self-sufficiency at an early age. Under the guidance, love and support of her mother and grandmother she learned that with hard work and a positive

attitude she could do or accomplish anything that she set her mind to do. She did not allow the lack of education or other limitations to stop her.

While living in Scotland and England Jul’s slowly began to accept and embrace her psychic abilities. After moving to the Fort Walton Beach FL area in 2004, she met friends that helped her grow in her natural abilities.

Jul’s life path is to help others create the life they want. To meet that end, she has authored two books “How to Attract What You Want” and, “Everyone is Psychic Including You”. In addition, she conducts workshops on Psychic Development, Attracting What You Want and offers readings using her own

psychic abilities and self-created Spirit Cards. She continues to create her own path without fear of failure. Secure in the knowledge that her determinations along with the help of her Holy Spirit Guide she can make anything happen and can accomplish what she desires.

In 2013, Jul’s Spirit Guide told her to open Intuitive Spiritual Center also located in Fort Walton Beach, FL. This is a learning center that offers a safe place for people to discover and grow their natural abilities. Jul’s also runs a successful massage business in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Julia Constantine of Fort Walton Beach,  has written Two books “Everyone Is Psychic Including You” and “How to attract What, The Growth Of Everything Program”

Julia’s Center:    INTUITIVE SPIRITUAL CENTER       http://www.intuitivespiritualcenter.org/

Julia’s WEB SITE: http://www.psychicconnectionsbyjuls.com/ 

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